Monday, February 1, 2010

Pete Steele - Banjo Tunes and Songs LP (1958)

Pete Steele - Banjo Tunes and Songs LP. Folkways Records (FS 3828). 1958.
  1. Ellen Smith
  2. Little Birdie
  3. The Train A-Pullin'
  4. The Crooked Hill
  5. Galilee
  6. The Unclouded Days
  7. Shady Grove
  8. Hard Times
  9. Goin' Around The World Baby Mine
  10. East Virginia
  11. The Cuckoo
  12. The War Is A-Ragin' For Johnny
  13. Coal Creek March
  14. Last Pay Day at Coal Creek
  15. Ida Red
  16. Pretty Polly
  17. The Scoldin' Wife
  18. The House Carpenter

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  1. Thanks so much for this unparalleled old time banjo music. You are very kind indeed. By any chance, do have an Omer Forster music? One of the great unknown old time artists. All the best,