Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aunt Molly Jackson - Library of Congress Recordings LP

Aunt Molly Jackson - Library of Congress Recordings LP. Rounder Records (1002). All recordings made by Alan Lomax during 1939.
  1. Hard Times in Coleman's Mines
  2. Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
  3. I Love Coal Miners, I Do
  4. Let Me Be Your Teddy
  5. Christmas Eve in the East Side
  6. Witch Stories
  7. Hungry Disgusted Blues
  8. Crossbones Skully
  9. Fare Thee Well Old Ely Branch
  10. Join the C.I.O.
  11. Prisoner's Call
  12. The Lone Pilgrim
  13. Holiness Church Monologue
  14. Just A Little Talk with Jesus

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  1. what a wonderful collection of gold. i enjoyed all of 2011. any chance of a re up of 2010 to mediafire as the rapidshare links are all dead? thank you so much for sharing. i had been looking for this aunt molly for a long time.
    ps reading the alan lomax bio as well as a book on moses asch. quite fun
    those characters