Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Come All You Coal Miners LP (1973)

Come All You Coal Miners LP. Rounder Records (4005). 1973. Recorded At An Appalachian Music Workshop At Highlander Center, October 1972.
  1. George Tucker - Black Lung Blues
  2. Hazel Dickens - Black Lung
  3. Nimrod Workman - Don't You Want To Go
  4. Hazel Dickens - Cold Blooded Murder
  5. Sarah Gunning - Come All You Coal Miners
  6. Nimrod Workman - Both Lungs Is Broke Down
  7. George Tucker - 30 Inch Coal
  8. Sarah Gunning - Dreadful Memories
  9. Hazel Dickens - Clay County Miner
  10. Nimrod Workman - The N&W
  11. Sarah Gunning - That 25¢
  12. Hazel Dickens - Mannington Mine Disaster


  1. the link isnt working for me.


  2. Nice collection of music on this blog. Thank you very much for your efforts putting this together for folks to sample some great music.

    This blog helps, in some small way least, to keep some of these music traditions and history alive for more people to enjoy.

    Some of the older posts (rapidshare links) are no longer available, like - Southern Mountain Folksongs and Ballads, Prison Worksongs LP (1959), and Banjo Songs of the Southern Mountains LP - if these are re-uploadable that would be much appreciated.

    The following 2 links I put here, for anyone, includes two zip files of two CDs in each, all are various artist compilations, they are all 192 kbps.

    The Songcatcher zip has a collection of songs from the movie and Songcatcher 2 the tradition that inspired the movie, the link is


    And the Appalachian link includes, The Appalachians (music from the PBS documentary), and Appalachian Stomp, Bluegrass Classics.


    -from Cape Cod Sven